‘Cathedral of the Black Cult’ CD

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Containing 10 songs, including Motörhead cover “Kingdom of the Worm”, it’s a manifestation of the individual presence of its creators within the Black Metal scene for almost two decades. Each track is a journey into a realm of despair and darkness, mainly due to the harsh vocals and cold & dark guitar melodies that blend perfectly together.
This is not an album that anyone can just ‘whack on’ in the background willy nilly. It must be listened to intently and taken in like the musical drug that it is. “Cathedral Of The Black Cult” is a flawless, yet intimidating musical experience which will open a portal to another dimension to the listener who’s ready to gaze into it.
Streaming melodic riffs in extended phrases form the defining character of each song with representational distinction and progressions towards tonal and rhythmic changes, communicating the purpose of hierarchical sequence observed in nature’s ferociously necessary order of operation, reflected in the substance of the inner-self, magnified in the character of spiritual striving and agonizing existential discovery.
This is pure unsaturated Black Metal in all of its cold fury! There isn’t just grim lyrics reflecting the power of Satan and the beauty of Darkness, but the album actually draws the listener into the world beyond humanity. If you truly understand the music, you will be taken to the dark endless universe!!
This is the future and the past of the Black Metal! This is a masterpiece of Black Metal and Extreme Metal in general!! Every other word and description is pointless…
For fans of: Satyricon, Emperor, Mayhem, and all Black Metal fans in general.
Another Side Records, 2016 (ASR18-125).

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