Infamous black metal character known also as Kudlak, Krvolok and Lesnik has been roaming the Croatain black metal underground since early 90ies.
His other involvements include such names as: Kult Perunov, Nekrist, Voloh, Gorthaur’s Wrath and many more. Summoned to the Cult in early 2014. He stands as the mile stone for aggresive background shrieks and low frequencies of madness.


Gorthaur’s Wrath – Ritual IV (2011)

Kult Perunov – Duhovi predaka (2006)
Kult Perunov – Slavenski crni metal (2007)
Kult Perunov – Cult of Perun (2007)
Kult Perunov – Urlik Bjesova i Jada (2014)

Voloh – Gromovi nad Trebišćem (2015)

Black Cult – Neo-Satanism (2014)
Black Cult – Cathedral of the Black Cult (2016)