Insanus is a well known figure in the Croatian Black Metal scene since 1995. when he started his journey with Castrum. In that time his main instrument was guitar, but destiny has set for him a different path. A few years before Castrum was disbanded he started playing drums in Gorthaur’s Wrath where he stayed till 2004. He recorded drums on three self-released demos/albums of Gorthaur’s Wrath during that time.

Drums becomes his main instrument.

While he was still in Gorthaur’s Wrath, Unholy Inquisition was born somewhere in 2001. After leaving Gorthaur’s Wrath, Unholy Inquisition became his main band with whom he recorded three demos and one self-released album.

In the meantime, he played drums in a few short-lived bands such as Balrog, D.N.R., Rampl, Death of Folk and as a bass player in Manifest .

A new era in Insanus’s musical path started with his long-time companion Bojan (aka Dirgloch from Castrum and Gorthaur’s Wrath) when they formed Czaar in 2004. Then he made a slight shift away from black metal. Czaar is a some kind of thrash metal. But his soul was restless and he made two black metal projects in that times Hibernum with Azaghal from Unholy inquisiton and Svitogor where he played all instruments.

He spent some time in Ashes you leave (2006-2011).

Nowadays he is the mastermind behind the new project called Black Cult together with Morbid from Gorthaur’s Wrath.


Castrum – Nocturnal Eden Behind Serpent Eyes (1996)
Castrum – Black Silhouette Enfolded in Sunrise (1998)
Castrum – In the Horizons of the Dying Theatre (2000)

Gorthaur’s Wrath – Ancient Darkness (2000)
Gorthaur’s Wrath – Unleash Hell (2001)
Gorthaur’s Wrath – Paroxysms of Madness (2002)

Unholy inquisition – Devil’s Disciples (2002)
Unholy inquisition – On the Darkened Side (2003)
Unholy inquisition – Depraved God’s Creation (2004)
Unholy inquisition – Shades of Inferno (2005)

Czaar – Too Drunk to Think (2007)
Czaar – Stari panj (2011)

Hibernum – Cold and Worse (2002)

Svitogor – Slava (bez srama) (2003)
Svitogor – Ruins (2003)

Rample – Totalni kraj II (2005)

Kult Perunov – Urlik Bjesova i Jada (2014)

Black Cult – Neo-Satanism (2014)
Black Cult – Cathedral of the Black Cult (2016)