Mysterious persona that appears within the underground scene for some time already known as Azaghal. Known for his previous and present involvements within Unholy Inquisition, Gorthaur’s Wrath, Hibernum and Czaar.
This ultimative killer rhythmicist was summoned to the Cult legion in the early 2014 upon the release of “Neo-Satanisim”.


Unholy inquisition – Devil’s Disciples (2002)
Unholy inquisition – On the Darkened Side (2003)
Unholy inquisition – Depraved God’s Creation (2004)
Unholy inquisition – Shades of Inferno (2005)

Czaar – Too Drunk to Think (2007)
Czaar – Stari panj (2011)

Hibernum – Cold and Worse (2002)

Black Cult – Neo-Satanism (2014)
Black Cult – Cathedral of the Black Cult (2016)