The Witches Dance video is out…


Behold “The Witches dance”, new Black Cult’s official video!

Special thanks goes to: High priestesses; Mila, Ana and Marina, Tibor and Rommel, one and only Igor Meister and Meisterwerk Productions, Wanderer the fire demon, Dr.Strah, Danijel Juko and Dj. Ogi. The best crew in the underground!

New song “The Witches dance” is featured on the second album “Cathedral of the Black Cult” set to be released through ‘Another Side records’ on the following dates:
Ukraine/Croatia: 09.06.2016
Japan: 10.06.2016
UK/Europe: 17.06.2016
North & South America: 08.07.2016

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We are back!
Hail the Witches!
Hail Satan!