Trailer for the new video and album release dates


We’ve released the trailer for the new video “The Witches Dance”. The song will be on our upcoming album, which will be released on the largest Ukrainian independent label “Another Side Records” (Metal Scrap Records) and release dates are as follows:

Ukraine / Croatia: 09/06/2016
Japan: 10/06/2016
UK / Europe: 17/06/2016
North & South America: 08/07/2016.

Video is recorded by one and only Igor Maister, produced and edited by Insanus, screenplay and scenography by Morbid, pyrotechnics by Wanderer, cast in the role of witches which we are hereby immensely grateful: Mila, Ana and Marina and Dr. Fear, Tibor and always faithful Rommel. Location were carried out in Rijeka on the abandoned mill from the last century at the river Rječina and Austro-Hungarian tunnels and bunkers, over a hundred years old which surounds city of Rijeka and surrounding hills and were used in both world wars, and for many years lay forgotten and surrounded by various myths and stories which we’ll now add another one.