Neo-Satanism (Merchants of Air)

Merchants of Air

The band is called ‘Black Cult’.  The album is titled ‘Neo-Satanism’.  Some of the song titles are ‘Sacrificial Pentagram’, ‘In Satan We Trust’ and ‘Into The Black Void Of Nothingness’. There’s a Burzum cover ‘Jesus Tod’. Bandmembers are Morbid, Insanus, Saathaen, Azaghal and Lesovik.  So what else could this be than a black metal album?  I’ll tell you what it is.  It’s a damn good black metal album, loaded with eerie riffs, haunted screams and here and there some orchestral arrangements to enhance the bleak atmosphere.

Black Cult hails from Croatia, a country that I don’t often regard as a blackened cesspool of evil activities.  Yet, these guys certainly pull it off, which should not really be a surprise.  The bandmembers have been roaming in the Croatian underground for years before starting this band in 2013..  What we get on this album is more than a decent version of old school Scandinavian thrash metal induced musical extremism, highlighting in songs like ‘DCLXVI’ or ‘Neo-Satanist’.  The whole sounds well-written, intense and varied enough to remain interesting,.

Don’t expect anything renewing or highly original from Black Cult but also don’t miss out on this one.  It’s simply an excellent black metal album in perfect old school tradition which fans of the genre shouldn’t ignore.  So check it out if you have the guts, you won’t be disappointed…