Neo-Satanism (Winter Torment web zine)

Winter Torment web zine

Croatia’s  Black  Cult  have  released their debut CD through Black Plague records. Black Cult play a great style of pure black  metal similar to the  early to mid nineties  Swedish/Norwegian  bands  with  their  own  style.The  guitars  are fast  and  furious  with  some  chaotic  riffs  mixed  in but  also  have  a decent  amount  of  mid paced  riffs.The  vocalist  does a  great  job  with  some  excellent  shrieks  and  even  screams  in  a  few  sections.Black  Cult  have   released  a  great  black metal release  full of  chaotic  riffs  fast  drumming  and  a lot  of  skill  defintly  check  this  band  out  today  if your   looking  for   some  excellent  black metal